Transforming Lucifer: From an Archangel into Satan Rooshikumar Pandya


Published: September 10th 2011

Kindle Edition

13 pages


Transforming Lucifer: From an Archangel into Satan  by  Rooshikumar Pandya

Transforming Lucifer: From an Archangel into Satan by Rooshikumar Pandya
September 10th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 13 pages | ISBN: | 9.14 Mb

Transforming Lucifer: From an Archangel into SatanRooshikumar PandyaeBook published by IDEAINDIA.COM Rooshikumar Pandya 2009This eBook is based on a presentation given by Rooshikumar Pandya at the Institute of Directors 19th World Congress “Leadership in the Economy of Surprise, Wrenching Change and Contradiction”, January 2009, Mumbai.On 29th November 2008, as the last terrorist holed-up in Hotel Taj, Mumbai, was vanquished. I got a phone call from a reporter of the Times of India:“What is brainwashing, Sir?”“What are the techniques of brainwashing?”“Why does a person become a terrorist?”“How is he recruited?”“Who turns a ‘nice, young person’ into a terrorist?”The questions were flying fast and they age regressed me to the year 1975 when I was in North America doing doctoral research in religion, brainwashing, thought control, and conversion.

For the purpose of my research, I too had formulated similar questions under four categories: What is the background, psychological make-up, conditioning of a person before he joins a cult or a terrorist organization?- How is the person recruited by a given group?- What is the process of turning that “nice person” into a hardcore cult member or a terrorist?- What is the role of the leader in the process of radicalisation?Within the scope of this eBook, I will stick to the salient findings of my study.

The process of what I call “Transforming Lucifer, an Archangel into Satan.” According to Christianity, when Archangel Lucifer revolted against God, he was driven out of heaven and hurled into hell, a place specially created for him by God. Lucifer, the fallen Archangel, now Satan, planned his revenge against God for the perceived injustice. And Satan’s revenge was seducing God’s favourite children Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

When he succeeded, Adam and Eve were banished from the Paradise by God for their act of disobedience—the Original Sin. When one examines various acts of terrorism and why they happened, one perceives this myth as their leitmotif, their recurring theme....Rooshikumar Pandya is a master trainer in all aspects of communication and behavioural sciences.

He has trained over 100,000 employees of Fortune 500 companies in the US and Canada. He has also conducted sessions in some of the best organizations in India. His workshops have been attended by CEOs, doctors, bankers, salesmen and actors. Described by the ‘Evening News of India’ as a “Communicator par Excellence,” Prof. Pandya is known in the corporate world of India as a “Trainer’s Trainer”, “Master Trainer” or as the ‘Deccan Herald’ put it, as a management trainer/consultant/mentor with an “arresting, rhetorical style, clarity of thought and simplicity of argument.”

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