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Love Now Boarding  by  Keith Churchouse

Love Now Boarding by Keith Churchouse
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Finding love had been the last thing on Luke’s mind........Luke’s London bound train journey started with the chore of his daily commute to Waterloo Station and ended when someone, Zoe, reached into his life and ignited an unexplained desire within him which changed life for the better forever.

The timing of Cupid’s arrow, and who its aim is pointing cannot be planned. Like the early morning dew laying heavily in the air that swirled around the emerging commuter train, it intimately embracing both Luke and Zoe as their lives began to willingly and uncontrollably merge, finally reaching their destinations of London, romance and love.You may call Luke a romantic fool, but he is not alone. Love can find anyone at anytime. Luke’s journey illustrates what can happen when love comes calling and you seize the moment, acting on your instinct that this person before you is the one, without whom life could be a tormented memory of what could have been.

Even though that same opportunity may bring you much heartache, this modern tale will show that you must do something about the one who has sparked desire in your soul and the moment you share, because if you don’t you will regret this loss for the rest of your life.........and a life of lost love and regret is a wasted life.Love can reach out to you at any time, and that time is not yours to control. As you will see, it certainly wasn’t for Luke. Love had struck during a commute to Waterloo!Is Cupid aiming at you?...........Love Now Boarding is the first fictional work by Keith Churchouse, author of Sign Here, Here and Here!

, Divorce Recovery, Nagged, Tagged and Bagged and Addicted to Wedding Cake.

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